About Me

MeI am the only daughter of a scientist and a woman who can do anything. I am the wife of a reader and the mother of an explorer and a dreamer. I am the spoiler of two cats that can read and two dogs who like to be read to sleep. I am a teacher and student of children. I am a wonderer, wanderer, and admirer of the world around me. I am also a believer.

I believe that chocolate tastes perfect right out of the fridge and that sweet tea makes everything better. I believe that pyramids were made to be climbed and oceans were meant to be crossed. I believe that being nice makes the world go round. I believe saying wishes out loud dramatically increases their chance of coming true. I believe that crossing your fingers when you hear a siren, makes help arrive faster. I believe the things that matter in life should be kept simple. I believe toes are for wiggling, hands are for holding, and mouths are for smiling. I believe a good book is better than a vacation.

I am a writer, and I believe in the power of words.