Founding Mothers

Written By: Cokie Roberts
Illustrated By: Diane Goode

While much has been written about the men who founded our nation, this history includes only part of the story. Though they may not have signed the Constitution, written the Declaration of Independence, or fought in battles, the wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters behind the scenes of the Revolution contributed to their country’s birth as significantly as the men in the spotlight.

Summary from the jacket flap provided by Harper.

This book is proof that women were every bit as knowledgeable, hardworking, creative, and full of life as they are today. The private journals, personal correspondence, and historical research that went into this book show how important women were to the creation of our country. We also get a wonderful sense of how much it took for them to accomplish such important things in a world that was run by men. Lots of fun! Also, the illustrations are incredible. They really bring the historical accuracy to life with a modern flair. Great Book!!!

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1. Work backwards from the creation of the book. Choose one woman and research her more deeply. Then, for one week, keep a journal from that person’s point of view. Make a journal entry every day talking about things that could have happened (or did happen) in her life, staying true to her personality as you are able to understand it from your research.

2. Choose a woman from the story and focus on one thing she did or was a part of. Now, rewrite a short scene to show how that part of history would have been different if she hadn’t been a part of it.

3. Write an entry for this book about yourself. Pick an issue that is important to you and write a page about a way in which you hope to have an impact on this issue. Write it in the past tense as if you are looking back on your accomplishment.

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