Middle Grade Book Club

Middle grade novels are the vehicles that transport us from childhood into something slightly bigger.  The readers who find themselves unable to resist these stories are fully aware that not only are they part of the world around them, but are able to affect that world, for better or worse.  In this quest for the knowledge of how to make these changes happen, we flock to stories.

When I was young, I longed for books that could help me make the world a better place.  As an adult, I am still in love with these books, but now I long to find the ones that can make me a better person.  The better we can be and feel on the inside, inevitably makes the world a better place just by us being a part of it.  The books I recommend on these pages are all wonderful and fun, but I hope in some way you also feel they inspire you to be more than you were before you lived through their pages.