Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry – How to Write a Poem

Pizza Pigs and Poetry - How to Write a PoemWritten By: Jack Prelutsky

In this hilarious chapter book (not really a middle grade novel), Jack Prelutsky shares his insight and innovative ways for creating poetry. He speaks directly to the reader about his life and the everyday events (and laugh out loud mishaps) that inspire him. My favorite things about this book both revolve around his positive and adventurous attitude about writing. Jack has created many types of poems I have not seen before, and in doing so, I not only learned new forms, but I learned that (like Jack) I can try to create a new type of poetry as well. Most importantly for me, he talks a lot about not being perfect, or even slightly fabulous, when you begin each writing project. Many of his ideas come from small realizations, or things that didn’t go as planned, and he includes the reader in the fun of turning them into a poem. Then he gives you a lot of examples of how to add emotion and flare as you revise, revise, revise!

Discussion/Project Ideas:
Just follow the challenges he gives you throughout the book!