The Name of This Book is Secret

Written by: Pseudonymous Bosch

Stop! Leave now. This is a secret story about a dangerous secret I must not reveal. Good. You’re curious. You’re brave. If you join this adventure, I will introduce you to some of the evens and people in this perilous book. It is an alarming account of two extraordinary adventurers, a missing magician’s diary, a symphony of smells, and a deadly secret…

But be careful – our enemies are watching. And tell no one…because THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET?

Summary from the jacket provided by Hachette Book Group.

An unlikely friendship – the most unlikely I have read about in a while – is at the heart of this mystery and propels us along on a wild ride where a death, a kidnapping, and a very suspicious couple are just the beginnings to a very dangerous secret.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1. In chapter 8, Cass and Max-Ernest must decipher a code. Write one sentence depicting a thought you have about this book and turn it into a code. Take turns solving each others codes.

2. Write your own news report about the dramatic turn of events at the spa. Make sure that you stick to the facts – no opinions please.

3. Setting is important, but the details must be expertly blended into the story. Choose a partner and then choose a scene in the story that you both feel you could draw with complete detail. Without looking, each of you make your own complete drawing of the setting. Then, compare your pictures and see how similar they are. How much of the drawings are the same? How much did you each add to the pictures without realizing it?

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