The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of DespereauxWritten By: Kate DiCamillo

Illustrated By:  Timothy Basil Ering

Nothing could be more confusing and frightening to a group of average mice, than a mouse who is extraordinary.  Even if that mouse is kind, creative, inventive, and courageous.  When Despereaux sets out to explore the world he meets a human princess, and knows his life will never be the same.  When he falls in love with her, he breaks a cardinal rule of the mice and there is no going back.  Despereaux soon learns of an evil plot against his princess and he uses all of his extraordinary gifts in a heroic attempt to save his love.  The Tale of Despereaux is one of honesty and deceit, love and betrayal, courage and fear, as told through the life of a truly amazing little mouse.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

Full unit with ten sets of activities that guide you through the book are attached.

The Tale of Despereaux Full Unit