A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of StripesWritten and Illustrated by: David Shannon

Camilla Cream has a problem. How in the world can she choose the right outfit for the first day of school when there are so many different people to impress? She has already given up her favorite food in the whole wide world to help her fit in better, so the outfit has to be just right! But how to choose? Colors? Patterns? Dresses? Fancy? Unfortunately, all her indecision causes a very bad case of the stripes and she can’t find anything to match her skin!

This book is very imaginative and I felt a strong connection to the lima bean dilemma. I was a very picky eater and didn’t like very many things, so it was very often that my friends would all be enjoying something that I couldn’t even force myself to eat. It isn’t easy to feel the way Camilla feels but is even harder to try to be someone else everyday. Great book!

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1. There are lots of ways we try to fit in with the people around us and not all of those ways make us feel badly like Camilla. What are some things you do to make you fit in with your friends? Maybe you play basketball at recess even though it isn’t your favorite game? Do you dress fancy for a birthday party even though you’d rather wear jeans? Pick something that you do that helps you fit in with the group or go with the flow and describe why it works or doesn’t work for you.

2. Have every student write two things about himself/herself that he/she thinks is unusual and unknown to the other classmates. Take turns sharing and see if anyone else has a connection.

3. Draw a self portrait and include small sketches all over the clothing that depicts all the things that make you you. My portrait would have books, hot chocolate, sweet tea, animals, and trees for a start.

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