A Dog Wearing Shoes

Written and Illustrated by: Sangmi Ko

When Mini finds a dog wearing bright yellow booties, she wants to keep him. And who wouldn’t?! But a dog with shoes on must belong to someone, right?

Jacket copy provided by Random House.

This story is the greatest combination of compassion and the struggle to do what’s right..especially when you wish things were different. I personally love the way the author did not leave the child to make all the decisions on her own. This is a complex issue that many people find themselves in at one time or another and this is a wonderful way to tell the story without resorting to unreasonable comedy as this type of story can sometimes have. The issue is hit head on and covers every angle leaving the reader wanting more stories by Sangmi Ko!

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1. Have your students brainstorm as many different ways to search for a pet as they can. Then, have each student (or each small group of students) choose one of the ways listed and make a three step plan for carrying out that idea.
Example: Post Flyers
1. Design flyers with important information.
2. Make copies of flyers.
3. Post in places where people in your area will see them – neighborhood intersections, grocery stores, the post office, etc.

2. Pretend you are choosing a pet. What will you do as a pet owner to prevent your pet from getting loose or getting into a dangerous situation?  Is this important?  Why or why not?

3. Pretend you are the owner that is reunited with the dog in the story. Write a thank you note to the little girl explaining how thankful you are and what her help meant to you. Use proper letter format.

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