Albert the Bear


Written and Illustrated by: Nick Butterworth

When Albert arrives in Mr. Jolly’s toy shop, the other toys think he is the saddest-looking bear they have ever seen.  Determined to cheer him up, the toys spring into action.  But underneath his frown, Albert the bear has a surprise of his own…

The summary is from the cover provided by Harper Collins Publishers.

This is a wonderfully fun picture book with beautiful illustrations.  The characters are sweet and funny as they make their plans for a proper welcome for Albert, and Albert shows that in addition to his surprise, he is a very patient new friend.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1.  I really enjoyed the variety of characters in this story.  Pick your two favorite characters and write a scene (or discuss it with a friend) that shows all the things they did to prepare their acts for the show.

2.  Lots of people imagine what it would be like if toys could come alive when no one is looking.  Think of a place you like that has a bunch of toys (it could be your room, a toy store, a book store, a souvenir shop) and design a setting for them that you think they would enjoy.  Think about the size of the space and objects and what you know about the kinds of toys that live there.

3.  Write a short story, or tell a short story about the next day in Mr. Jolly’s toy shop.  Now that the animals have met the new bear, what will their next adventure be?

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