Gilberto and the Wind

Gilberto and the WindWritten and Illustrated by: Marie Hall Ets

When Gilberto and his friend, Wind, go out to play, you never know what will happen.  Sometimes Wind is friendly and sometimes Wind is feisty, but one thing is certain – Wind is always there…even if just to sit and rest a while.

This book is a great story about finding the fun in the things that are always around you.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1.  How do you play with Wind?  Do you like to play any of the same games as Gilberto?

2.  How does wind work?  What kind of machines or jobs would be different if there was no wind?  Make a detailed picture showing what hard work wind does for humans.

3.  Make a Venn Diagram with two circles – one for you and one for Gilberto.  Fill the diagram with things that you and Gilberto like and don’t like about wind and see how many of them you have in common and how many are different.

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