Goin’ Someplace Special

Goin' Someplace SpecialWritten by: Patricia C. McKissack
Illustrated by: Jerry Pinkney

Everybody has someplace that makes them feel special and ‘Tricia Ann is no exception.  When she makes her first trip all by herself to the place her heart holds most special, it isn’t easy, but when she finally gets there it is indeed worth every step.

This story is based on the author’s childhood memories and shows what life was like for southern African Americans in the 1950’s.  ‘Tricia Ann carries her grandmother’s words all the way to her destination and reminds us that together we are stronger.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1.  What were the Jim Crow signs?  Describe their origin, their usage, and their eventual end.

2.  There were many forms of segregation mentioned in the book – water fountains, buses, schools, libraries, businesses, etc.  Choose one form and describe the events or civil rights movement that changed it.

3.  Make a timeline from 1950 – 1970.  Mark at least 7 civil rights events that had a positive outcome for African Americans.  Give a brief description for each one.

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