MOOG-MOOG, Space Barber

MOOG-MOOG, Space BarberWritten and Illustrated by: Mark Teague

Elmo Freem has gotten the worst haircut of his life…and school starts tomorrow!  Help arrives in the form of two space monsters, who suggest a visit to Moog-Moog, an amazing intergalactic barber.  Elmo and his cat, Leon, travel through space to meet the Great Moog-Moog.  But will scissors, an X-ray blowgun, and alien magic be enough to fix Elmo’s hair disaster in time?  Read this wacky romp to find out!

The summary is from the jacket flap published by Scholastic.

This is a crazy book about Elmo’s adventure while trying to save himself from embarrassment on the first day of school.  His new alien friends pull out all the stops in order to help him, but sometimes just having the right friends is the only solution you need.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1.  Have you ever had a situation anything like Elmo’s where the clock is ticking and you are out of ideas?  Make up an imaginative  solution for a problem you’ve had and write the story.  Remember the story needs to have a beginning, middle, and end.

2.  Elmo said that they followed the planets all the way to Saturn before taking a left.  Can you draw and color a picture of our galaxy and show the path they took?  Remember to include as many details and labels as you can.

3.  Moog-Moog is an extraordinary intergalactic barber.  How do you think he got that way?  What kinds of things do you think make someone so good at their job that they stand out from the crowd?

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