Pink and Say

Pink & SayWritten and Illustrated By:  Patricia Polacco

Pink and Say is the first picture book I ever read that had to do with a deep, traumatic topic.  Combined with it being a true story passed down through generations about a friendship that formed in the midst of the Civil War, it has remained my favorite picture book.

Pink and Say are two union soldiers who find themselves separated from their troops.  Say has been wounded and when Pink makes it his mission to bring Say to safety, a friendship is formed.  In enemy territory, rejoining their troops is the only choice they have, but they will pay a hefty price.

Discussion/Project Ideas:

1.  When and how were slaves involved in the Civil War?

2.  Write a letter to Abraham Lincoln convincing him to allow slaves to fight in the war.  List at least three strong reasons in your letter.

3.  Andersonville was a Conferderate prison.  Using a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast it with the Union army’s Fort Delaware prison.