May 19th came and went, and I must assure you that I have not forgotten the winners!! While I didn’t post the winners here (until now), I met with all the contestants and announced the winners in person. The imagination and creativity that went into the stories I was lucky enough to read was remarkable, and so were the contestants themselves.

When the top ten stories were pulled into the final group, I had a very difficult decision – so difficult in fact, that author Lauren Smith was asked to help choose the top winners! She was so wonderful that not only did she help with choosing the winners, but was kind enough to give valuable writing advice throughout each of the papers she read. A big thank you goes out to her and to Mrs. Sharen Swagerty of Jenks East Intermediate for their help and their contagious enthusiasm for writing!

Enough said about that though! Here are the winners of the 2014 writing contest:

First place – Chloe, Jenks East Intermediate
Second place – Camille, Jenks East Intermediate
Third place – John, Jenks East Intermediate

Honorable mentions went to:
Brooke, Jenks East Intermediate
Sam, Jenks East Intermediate
Natasha, Jenks East Intermediate

I want to congratulate everyone that participated in the contest. There were almost forty contestants, encouraged immensely by Mrs. Swagerty, a teacher who knows that writing plants the seeds for the growth of imagination, and with imagination, all things are possible.

This contest was so much fun, and I learned so much, that I will hold the contest again next spring. I hope you will enter! In the mean time, I will be posting lots of new thoughts, ideas, challenges, and strategies as I continue to learn along my journey as a writer.

Happy writing!

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