Young Adult Book Club

Young adult books are the most complex and most mature of all the categories that fall in the realm of children’s books.  The characters’ ages are between thirteen and eighteen and the plots tend to focus more on the impact the character has on the world rather than the impact the world has on the character.

I don’t read as much in the young adult category as I do in the others, but the books I list here are ones that have made an impact on me and are ones that I highly recommend.  I don’t normally post anything negative about books, but I have to say here that I am increasingly disappointed in the content and direction of many books intended for this age group and I will not be placing any books on this list that have content that would receive a rating of adult if it were to be made into a movie.

I do believe that the books on this list are intended for children thirteen and up and the need for a higher reading level (for young, advanced readers) is not a sole reason to choose a book.  The situation and characters must be taken into account as well.  If you have advanced readers and are looking for ways to challenge them, feel free to email me for ideas and book titles that fit the ability of the readers while still giving respect to the part of life they are currently experiencing.

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