Chapter Book Club

Chapter books are the perfect match for readers who love the vibrant characters of picture books, but are ready to take a deeper look at what makes those people tick.  They give the reader the experience of walking through more complex problems with characters they are usually familiar with (series), but are being thrown into new situations – a lot like life.

The problems usually correspond to real life situations and at the rate children of this age read, they learn a variety of ways to handle things might encounter in their everyday lives.  It is an empowering feeling to watch someone you care about solve a problem, even if that someone is a character in a book.  I love the fun, spunky characters in the books with lighter topics and the gentle ways of the ones that deal with tragedy and heartache.

This is a phenomenal time in a reader’s life and while it is a great comfort to find familiar series, always be on the look out for the ones that stand out all on their own.

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